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Preparing to start up
a new business in Indonesia



Completed Intensive Japanese Language Program for Overseas Students in 2011 Graduated from the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Commerce in 2016
Completed Master Program of Business Administration Course in the Graduate School of Commerce in 2018

Home Country: Indonesia

Joined Ozora Publishing Co., Ltd., currently preparing for business startup in Indonesia.

Applying know-how acquired in school for problem-solving


I’m currently preparing to set up a publishing company in Indonesia. Specifically, I’m devising business plans for the company, and studying law in order to establish a company. My goal is to start up a business for the society; therefore I’d like to contribute to resolving social issues in Indonesia such as poverty through setting up a company. The things I learned at Takushoku University is helping me a great deal with what I do now. For example, with collecting information, I learned the importance of not just simply gathering facts, but to have a basis as well, and that’s what I’m putting into practice. My teachers always said, “It’s fine to make mistakes, just make sure you have a basis and reason”. So I acquired this habit through always making sure to have a reason I could explain when stating my opinion at the seminars in school. The teachers never gave me the “answer”, so that trained me to think on my own. Of course, the things I learned such as the basics of management has been useful, but learning how to think constructively and solving issues in order have helped me out a great deal in life.

The time I worked the hardest for the “Gogekisai” performance


I was unable to receive support from my family with school and living expenses, so it was quite tough having to earn enough through part-time work. I was too busy to have many opportunities to talk to people, so I decided to join a club called the Indonesian Study Club to make more time to communicate with other students. There is the Gogekisai (foreign -language plays) that is held once a year, and we did a play with all of the dialogue in Indonesian. This experience was probably the most important for me as a student. I was in charge of the Indonesian dialogue and direction with acting. Most of the actors were Japanese students, so it was extremely challenging to teach the Indonesian language from scratch. However, I naturally began to develop leadership and matured as a person through working to raise their motivations, directing members to complete the play, and managing the progress of the production. I will always remember that feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment when we successfully delivered the play.

University is where you prepare yourself to become a responsible adult

I think a university is a place where you prepare yourself to become a responsible adult, and it’s necessary to understand what is required to become one. Leadership and communication skills are some of these requirements; however, these qualities cannot be acquired just by attending classes. The best thing to do is learn about these things through extracurricular activities, and consciously try to acquire them through student life. At first, I struggled with not being able to make Japanese friends and getting accustomed to life in Japan. But I spoke to teachers when I had problems and received advice to overcome such difficulties. I hope students at Takushoku University make the most of their time to learn as much as possible, and then greatly succeed in society.