Whether you’re aiming to build a future in your home country, in Japan, or internationally, Takushoku University is an excellent choice for learning the Japanese needed for undergraduate or graduate studies at a Japanese university or other educational institution. Our Intensive Japanese Language Program (IJLP) has been helping students develop their Japanese language capabilities since 1972 and has graduated some 5,000 students in total. Join us to acquire the Japanese you need to succeed.


The Intensive Japanese Language Program (IJLP) Japanese Language Education Course is a Japanese language education institution that teaches Japanese language, current affairs in Japan, Japanese culture, etc. for international students who seek to pursue education at universities, graduate schools, or other educational institutions in Japan. There are one-year courses for the Spring (April) and Fall (September), with both offering options for further extending study periods according to university or career choices. Classes are held at the historic International Education Hall, providing an ideal learning environment for international students with classrooms fully equipped with academic facilities, CALL classrooms, and study rooms with computers, etc.

Greetings from the Director of the Bekka

Takushoku University Intensive Japanese Language Program (IJLP) is located in Bunkyo City, which lies near the very heart of central Tokyo. Our campus is located near Tokyo Metro Myogadani Station, which is only 10 minutes from Tokyo Station, 15 minutes from Shinjuku Station and five minutes from Ikebukuro Station, so we’re in a very convenient location.

Annual Events

An overview of the annual IJLP events that will enhance your student life.

Voices of IJLP Students

Graduates on why they chose IJLP and what they enjoyed about the program.