Inspired by Takushoku University’s traditional pioneering spirit, the College’s objective is to nurture well-rounded, talented individuals armed with the practical skills and knowledge to contribute widely to the development of society.

The magnificent countryside and friendly people of Hokkaido provide the ideal environment for students to learn and grow as rounded, mature individuals. Students who have finished the second year can switch to the third year in Takushoku University’s Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Faulty of International Studies ,or Department of Design of Faculty of Engineering through recommendation by the president, and every year many students take advantage of this arrangement. All students seeking to transfer to the third year of other fouryear universities also successfully did so in that year.


Takushoku University Hokkaido College has carved out a 55 year history, rooted in Fukagawa City, Hokkaido. What we have maintained through those years is our desire that every student of ours has an impressive experience and feels growth: that is the basis of our education. The campus is surrounded by the vast land and rich nature of Hokkaido. Cultivating the soil and sowing seeds, students are moved by the growth of their crops and enjoy the harvest. While meeting a variety of people, they support each other and share the joy. They grow up by overcoming the difficulties they sometimes face. Every student makes these experiences of excitement and growth on his or her own. All these are possible at Takushoku University Hokkaido College. Our teaching staff passionately give lessons with value-added experience. They receive youthful energy from the students in return, which enables each of the teaching staff to continue to grow. Dear students, you are living in a wonderful time. Study hard and enjoy your youth on this large campus.

Subject of study

Department of Agricultural Science and Business

Environmental Science and Agriculture Program

In addition to cultivating crops on campus farms and learning agriculture from the basics, we will make full use of greenhouses and laboratories to engage in advanced research based on scienti  ic data. In addition, acquire knowledge and skills related to the environment and agricultural management through classroom lectures and learning about food using the agricultural processing room. We will cultivate specialized skills for a wide range of career paths such as farming, employment, and transfer.

Regional Development and Business Program

You will systematically learn about regional development while experiencing the economic and social mechanisms through participation in local events and product development. While improving the basic skills of business through languages, presentations, qualifications, etc., we seek out society through a variety of learning with a view to two years from now, such as transfer to a four-year university such as Takushoku University and employment.

Department of Early Childhood Education

Creative Expression Program /
Bodily Expression Program /
Music Education for Early Childhood Program

You can obtain both a childcare worker qualification and a kindergarten teacher’s license upon graduation. There are three courses,”Modeling Expression”, “Physical Expression”, and “Infant Music Education”, which can be selected according to each person’s interests and interests by making the best use of their own characteristics. Through our unique curriculum, such as modeling expression research, physical expression exercises, and music expression research, we will develop the “practical skills” required of childcare workers in a new era.

Transfer system to the third-year class
at Takushoku University

Takushoku University Hokkaido College has a transfer-by-recommendation system for entering the third year at Takushoku University. Students who have completed the requisite transfer courses and have met the internal selection criteria for academic performance, etc. can transfer with the recommendation (document screening only) of the college president. (The pass rate for transfer applicants to Takushoku University has been 100% for the past five years.)

In particular, many students graduating from the college’s Regional Development Business Course in the Department of Agricultural Business transfer into the junior year in the at Takushoku University in the Faculty of Commerce, the Faculty of Political Science and Economics, or the Faculty of International Studies. The college curriculum is organized according to the first two years of study at Takushoku University so that students can smoothly transition into their university studies. Students are also provided with thorough one-on-one support for transferring to the desired post-college program. One of the features of this course is that students from all over the country enter Takushoku University Hokkaido College each year aiming to transfer into a four-year university such as Takushoku University.