Voices of IJLP Students



From/Shanghai Jiao Tong University
To/Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University

I met many international students through my university club, which inspired me to come to Japan to study. I chose Takushoku IJLP because one of my seniors at university studied in the program. You don’t just learn Japanese from IJLP instructors, they’re also a big help for advice about daily life matters and problems, explaining Japanese matters and preparing for further education. It was good to have classmates from all over the world. I was also able to receive a private scholarship with an IJLP recommendation, so I worked hard studying Japanese while living at the nearby dormitory.

I got into the school I wanted to.



Country/South Korea
From/Pohang High School
To/School of Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences, Meiji University

I’ve been interested in Japanese culture for a long time, so I decide to take on the challenge of studying in Japan. I learned about IJLP when my father’s friend recommended it to me. IJLP instructors kindly answered our questions and understood well what we found diffi cult, which was very helpful. In addition to our studies, there are also study trips and parties, so I had many opportunities to experience Japanese culture. Since IJLP students can use other Takushoku facilities, I took advantage of that to study hard and received the Grand Prize for the Takushoku University JLPT Scholarship.

I received the Grand Prize for the Takushoku University JLPT Scholarship.



From/Shenyang Aerospace University
To/Graduate School of Social Studies, Waseda University

As an elementary school student, I would often come to Japan with my parents. Since I liked Japan because of this, I decided to study here. I chose IJLP because of an acquaintance who had studied in the program. Once a week, students from the university’s regular programs would come and help as class assistants. These interactions helped me improve my Japanese and learn about Japanese culture. The tuition for IJLP is less expensive than similar programs and has longer class times, so I was able to select courses that met my individual needs.

I was selected for the top prize in the speech contest.



From/South Tangerang No. 7 Senior National High School
To/Department of International Business, Faculty of Commerce, Takushoku University

I have loved Japan since I was a kid, especially anime and Japanese culture, so I studied Japanese even before I came to Japan. One of my Japanese teachers in Indonesia told me about IJLP, so I researched the program and decided to attend. IJLP has strategy classes for the JLPT exam, preparation classes for entering Japanese universities and various other courses to choose from. The instructors pay attention to each student, so it was comfortable for me to talk about what I wanted to with them. I’m studying international business at university, and I hope to work for a Japanese company in the future.

I studied hard at IJLP during the coronavirus pandemic.