The Intensive Japanese Language Program (IJLP) Japanese Language Education Course is a Japanese language education institution that teaches Japanese language, current affairs in Japan, Japanese culture, etc. for international students who seek to pursue education at universities, graduate schools, or other educational institutions in Japan. There are one-year courses for the Spring (April) and Fall (September), with both offering options for further extending study periods according to university or career choices. Classes are held at the historic International Education Hall, providing an ideal learning environment for international students with classrooms fully equipped with academic facilities, CALL classrooms, and study rooms with computers, etc.

In addition to Japanese and English classes categorized according to language levels, examination preparations for elective courses such as Mathematics for Humanities Courses/Mathematics for Science Courses, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are provided. Furthermore, students are able to extensively learn about Japan through courses such as Current Affairs of Japan, Modern Society, Geography, and History.

Through the homeroom system, class teachers offer appropriate guidance with university and career paths. Then students are allocated to the purpose-oriented courses of “Enrolling in Takushoku University,” “Enrolling in national and public universities,” “Enrolling in the Graduate Schools,” “Preparation for Japanese Language Aptitude Test,” etc. and support is provided until completion of the courses. The Undergraduate Faculties of Takushoku University (one-year enrollment, total of five faculties) and the Takushoku University Hokkaido College also have an entry examination system for recommended students. Furthermore, qualified students will be able to take a transfer admission examination, which allows them to enroll in the Undergraduate Faculties of Takushoku University as a 2nd- or 3rd-year student.

Admission Capacity
130 students

Admission Period / Length of Course

Students are admitted to the one-year Core Program in either Spring or Fall. Depending on a student’s future plans, further Japanese study is possible in six-month increments to a maximum of two years. Students who complete required subject courses and receive approval for completion of courses will be given a course completion certificate.

Advance to Takushoku University

In IJLP, the following recommendation program and transfer examinations are provided for students who wish to transfer to the Takushoku University Undergraduate Faculties and Takushoku University Hokkaido College. (There is partial exemption of admission fees.)

  • Undergraduate 1st-year students who meet recommendation requirements of the Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Faculty of International Studies, Faculty of Foreign Languages, and Faculty of Engineering
  • Those who meet requirements for transfer as a 3rd year undergraduate student
  • Those who are approved to be qualified for transfer as a 3rd-year undergraduate student or possess an academic record of more than 14 years in their home country (graduated from a junior college or a higher educational institution)
    Transfer of credits (for those approved and certified)
    Those with satisfactory attendance rates and course results in IJLP, and also expected to complete the course
    Those who pass the written examination and interview
    ※Even though a student possesses an academic record of over 14 years in their home country and a university degree, their school credits may not be transferred or the student may not be deemed eligible for transfer if the specialized course in the school of their home country and the specialized course of Takushoku University Undergraduate Faculties are different.
  • Those who meet recommendation requirements for the Department of Agricultural Science and Business/Department of Early Childhood Education of Takushoku University Hokkaido College.


Scholarships are given to students selected by the school according to their objectives and conditions for the purpose of aiding academic and student life in Japan.

Student Dormitory

Student dormitories for students of the Takushoku University, Graduate Schools, and IJLP are available.
Takushoku University Bunkyo International Student Dormitory (for female students)  58 rooms