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Organization for International Cooperation Studies / Research Institutes

Takushoku University has developed the following network of research institutes to make its research widely accessible to society. These actively pursue a diverse range of initiatives in partnership with society, including research commissioned by the private sector and public lecture programs. To provide a foundation for research in international cooperation in keeping with its founding philosophy, the University has set up six research institutes – Language & Culture Research Institute, Institute of World Studies, the Research Institute for Global Japanese Studies, Institute for International Development, Research Institute of Japanese Language Education, and Shariah Research Institute – which together function as a comprehensive platform for joint research on conditions in Japan and around the world and provide access to other researchers at the University and beyond. These have now been joined by the Takushoku University Organization for International Cooperation Studies, which was established in 2013 to contribute to the improvement of mutual international understanding.

Organization for International Cooperation Studies

Research Institutes

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