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SUZUKI Shoichi / President of Takushoku University


Explore Your Possibilities at Takushoku University in Japan!

Takushoku University is an international university with a long history and tradition, founded in 1900 with the founding principle of fostering truly global human resources who are able to contribute to Asia and the world. Today, based on this founding principle, the university aims to educate students to become global human resources (Takushoku Human Resources) who play an active role in the international community, through a multifaceted and comprehensive approach that includes not only regular education, but also extracurricular education. Takushoku Human Resources possess a combination of “expertise,” “internationality,” and “humanity” and have the ability to independently create the future. Students are able to develop their “expertise” in the classes offered in each department, as well as gain a sense of diverse cultures and values through cross-cultural experiences in various international exchange programs. With a large number of international students enrolled in the university, there are opportunities to interact with them on a daily basis, which is also a favorable environment for fostering “internationality. In order to develop the ability to act independently and collaborate with others, it is also helpful to gain experience in extracurricular education and take action to achieve goals. Takushoku University has an organization called Ritaku-kai that supports extracurricular education with the cooperation of students and university instructors. There are many opportunities for students to play an active role in team and society activities, volunteer activities, and the Orange Project, which supports dementia patients.Based on the resources and know-how cultivated over more than one hundred years of history, all the university instructors are working together to provide education for the development of human resources.

President’s Profile

Born in Ibaraki Prefecture in 1964, SUZUKI Shoichi quit a doctorate from the Graduate School of Business Administration of Meiji University in 1992 and joined the Faculty of Commerce of Takushoku University as an assistant in April of the same year. After working there as a full-time lecturer and assistant professor, he was appointed professor in April 2005. His areas of expertise include international accounting and financial accounting. His major publications include “Accounting from the Basics” (Chuokeizai-sha, 2019) and “Pre-step Accounting” (Koubundou, 2009).

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