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Information disclosure

Articles of Endowment and University Regulations

1. University’s educational and research purpose

2. Basic educational and research organization

3. Teaching structure, number of teaching staff, and degrees/achievements of teaching staff

4. Admission policy, number of admitted students, admission capacity, number of enrolled students, number of students who graduated from undergraduate faculties and graduate schools, number of students who pursued further studies and employment, and other information related to further studies and employment

5. Subjects, curriculum outline, and year by year curriculum plan

6. Assessment of student performance, and criteria for graduation and program completion

7. University facilities (school grounds, buildings) and equipment, and other information related to student learning and research

8. Tuition, admission fee, and other university expenses

9. University supports for student learning, career decisions, and psychological and physical health

10. Overview of international exchange and social contribution

11. Financial data

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