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The existence of friends that helped to broaden my perspectives



Completed Intensive Japanese Language Program for Overseas Students in 2002 Graduated from the Department of International Business, Faculty of Commerce in 2007

Home Country: Vietnam

Joined the Ministry of Planning and Investment in Vietnam (in charge of Japan at the Department of Investment Promotion, Foreign Investment Agency)

Bringing Vietnam and Japan closer, and contributing to the development of the country


I’m currently in charge of affairs with Japan at the Department of Investment Promotion in the Ministry of Planning and Investment in Vietnam. The Ministry of Planning and Investment is like the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan, and it develops as well as implements strategies, and also projects for seeking large amounts of investments from overseas. I introduce the Vietnamese business and investment environments to the Japanese government, local governments, and Japanese companies. I also provide support for Vietnamese corporations. In the future, I’d like to further focus on offering support especially for Japanese companies. Through increasing investments from Japan in Vietnam, I hope relations between the two countries will become stronger. This job allows me to help bring Japan and Vietnam closer, and contribute to the revitalization of the Vietnamese economy, and so it’s extremely rewarding.

Friends who introduced me to a completely new world of Japanese culture


I always liked Japanese culture since I was in elementary school. That was my parents’ influence, and I grew up watching Japanese animation programs, reading manga, and listening to Japanese songs every day. And so, when I started student life in Japan, I didn’t feel much difference with the culture of my home country. Spending time with my friends are my most memorable moments at Takushoku University. Through them I learned so much about things in Japanese culture that I didn’t know about. My perspectives became broader as I learned about the cultures and values of other international students from various countries. It was difficult to acquire the language, but one day I suddenly realized I’d improved through speaking with my Japanese friends.

The importance of seeking for opportunities to meet people proactively

I recommend you to do as much as possible with what you are interested in during your time at the university. Even though it may be tough or tiring at times, it’s something you can only experience during those years. It’s important to understand the value of every moment, and make sure to devote yourself to whatever you do. When I look back, every experience has become something valuable. The older students in my seminar gave me information for job hunting, and I didn’t feel particularly lonely when I lived by myself because I had friends. It may take courage at first to go up to people and talk to them. So I think a good way is to join various communities such as seminars or clubs, and gradually try to get to know more people. I’m sure these encounters will serve as great help even after graduating.