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Local Government Course (Master’s Program)

Topics of master’s theses

for 2021
  • Reform of Election System and Method by Analysis of Taro Yamamoto Phenomenon
  • The Issue of Education for Migrant Children in Chinese Cities —-Focusing on the Impact on Educational Restrictions
  • Shift away from the Oil Industry Take the Transformation of Educational Tourism in Karamay, China as an Example
  • Policy Formation through Deliberations between The Parties in Local Autonomy -The Solution to the “Crisis of Democracy” by Deliberative Democracy-
  • A Study on the State Policy for the Development of Pastoral Areas in Inner Mongolia;Focusing on Pastoral Areas with a Single Livestock Industry as the Main Source of Income
  • Hostile Media Perception on Social Media ―― Take deep state as an example ――
  • Cross-Culture Communication of Thai Workers in Japanese Companies
for 2020
  • Research on hometown tax payment ―Does hometown tax payment contribute to regional revitalization?
  • How to Support Hikikomori ―Relativistic Empathy―
  • Study on Regional Activation and Citizen’s Initiative by the Culture Tourism Promotion. -From the Cases in the Area with Water Transportation Culture-
  • Study on NIMBY Problem in China -Focusing on the Procedural Fairness-

Credits and Degrees

Master’s Program

Requirements for completion

Number of credits to be obtained



At least 8 credits

In the case of undergoing the examination of the master’s thesis

In the case of undergoing the examination of the results of research on a specific topic

At least 30 credits

At least 34 credits


At least 8 credits

Common to each field

At least 8 credits


Advanced seminar

No credits granted

Educational and research guidance (the creation of a master’s thesis or research on a specific topic)

Master (Politics/Administration)

Courses and teachers in the master’s program (as of April, 2022)

Educational and research field

Class subjects



Politics Political Science 2 NIWA Fumio
Japanese Politics 2 ASANO Masahiko
Governance on Local Public Entity (Management of Local Public Entity) 2 Not offered
Electoral System I (The Law Concerning Elections for Public Offices and the Law of Regulation on Financing of Political Activities) 2 MANABE Sadaki
Electoral System II (Methodologies of Election Campaigns) 2 OKADA Yosuke
Political Process 2 NIWA Fumio
Resident Participation and NPO Management 2 Not offered
Local Politics 2 MANABE Sadaki
Modern Japanese political history 2 SAWADA Jiro
Administration Public Administration 2 MASUDA Naoko
Administrative Management 2 MASUDA Naoko
Risk Management of Local Public Entity 2 Not offered
Public Finance 2 YAMADA Eiji
Policy Evaluation 2 SAIKI Shuji
Social Welfare Policies 2 AOYAGI Chikafusa
Local Administration 2 SUGAWARA Yasuharu
Common Public Law 2 KOTAKE Satoshi
Methods of Social Survey 2 OKADA Yosuke
Policy Studies I 2 HAMAGUCHI Kazuhisa
Policy Studies II 2 UMEDA Hiroshi
Policy Studies III 2 MANABE Sadaki
Policy Studies Ⅳ 2 WATANABE Yasuhiro
Environmental Criminology 2 WATANABE Yasuhiro
Environmental Crime Prevention 2 WATANABE Yasuhiro
Local Autonomy System 2 IKEDA Yasuhisa
Communication Studies of Local Public Entity 2 MANABE Sadaki
Special Lecture on Writing and Expressions (Basic Writing Practice) 2 YAMAGUCHI Takamasa
Special Lecture on Writing and Expressions (Practical Training in Writing) 2 YAMAGUCHI Takamasa
The Force to Explore: Lectures by Distinguished Scholars 2 Multiple teachers
Internship 2 Multiple teachers
Advanced seminars Local Politics and Administration Seminar I / Ⅱ (Research Guidance and Academic Degree Thesis Guidance) ASANO Masahiko
KOTAKE Satoshi
OKADA Yosuke
NIWA Fumio

Purpose and basic policy on educational research