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Master English, Chinese or Spanish and pave the way for the world and the future.

Are you thinking of pursuing a career on the world stage? Then you will need foreign language proficiency and the ability to understand other cultures. The Faculty of Foreign Languages allows students to develop expertise in three of the most commonly used languages in the world, namely, English, Chinese, and Spanish. In a constantly changing world and an ever more diverse modern society, the skills you will acquire will be immediately useful upon graduation. The Faculty of Foreign Languages will enable you to join the ranks of talents who will be in demand long into the future.

Survive in a global society as a foreign language professional. Pursue your dream of becoming a multilingual by combining a major and minor.

The Faculty of Foreign Languages offers practical foreign language education which Takushoku University has developed as an international university. Since students can choose to major in English, Chinese, or Spanish and minor in another language, it is possible to become a multilingual speaker fluent in multiple languages in the international community.

Directly applicable to future careers.“Foreign language salon”: Practicing with native speaker teaching staff provides a great way to master foreign languages for business

In addition to lectures, the Faculty of Foreign Languages offers “foreign language salon” for students to hone their foreign language communication skills on a day-to-day basis with teaching staff who are native speakers. We train students into professionals who not only speak a foreign language, but also understand the language and culture and can utilize the language effortlessly in a business situation.

Practical approaches for understanding language mechanisms and communication

Department of English Language

  • TOEIC 300-point improvement

  • 7-month study in North America/Europe

  • Expert English proficiency

  • Overseas sales activity

Students will study English extensively in small classes taught by native speakers, aiming to acquire expert level English proficiency for use in business and international exchanges. TOEIC is a requirement for passing, and students are encouraged to study overseas.

Department of Chinese Language

  • Huge market

  • Short- and long-term study abroad program/exchange program in Chinese-speaking country

  • Business Course

  • Overseas Internship

Since its founding, Takushoku University has accumulated know-how in a unique Chinese language program. Under this program, students study Chinese, a language that is highly needed by society due to China’s rapidly growing market. In addition, through its alumni network, the Department offers internship opportunities in Chinese-speaking countries.

Department of Spanish Language

  • 400 million speakers

  • Online language training

  • SAM (Spanish Reciprocal Learning)

  • Study abroad in Spain/Mexico

Students are encouraged to pursue long-term study abroad programs in order to step into the world as a speaker of a language of approximately 400 million people. The Department has designed a unique curriculum (reciprocal learning/online language training) that enables students to gain a gradual understanding of Spanish and its cultural background.

Department of Global Japanese Language

In addition to the languages, cultures and educational methods cultivated by the Faculty of Foreign Studies, Takushoku University’s Japanese Language Education Department has a long history going back over half a century. This is a department that is open to both Japanese and international students. A new era of learning awaits students where they will learn to think and express themselves in Japanese and learn to become global citizens. Students of the department will also develop the knowledge and understanding to convey the attractions of Japan to the global community.

Future-oriented learning that is directly applicable to global career choices

Foreign Language


Language students are majoring in


English/Chinese/Spanish/French/German/Korean/Japanese (international students only)

Study Abroad Program Unique to the Faculty of Foreign Languages

Every year, many students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages study at overseas partner schools.
Even if students study abroad more than once, the credits they obtained abroad will be counted towards graduation within a given range, allowing them to graduate in four years. The Faculty is designed to strongly support students who wish to study overseas.

Short-term Study Abroad Program

Department of English Language

University of Winchester (United Kingdom)/University of New South Wales (Australia)/ Langara College (Canada)

Department of Chinese Language

Peking University (China) or Soochow University (Taiwan)

Department of Spanish Language

University of Salamanca (Spain)

School Fees and Scholarships

Purpose and basic policy on educational research