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We offer cross-disciplinary studies to pioneer new fields and a new future.

The Faculty of Engineering equips students with expertise and practical techniques that directly relate to future careers. Students can choose from a range of disciplines in the machinery, communications, and systems track, comprised of the Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering and the Department of Electronics and Computer Systems, as well as the information, design, and media track, comprised of the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Design. At all departments, students in their first year study the essentials, and from their second year, study a specialized field by selecting a course based on their interests. The curriculum provides students with flexible learning options, enabling them to pioneer new fields of monozukuri (manufacturing) by combining expertise from different disciplines.

Cross-departmental collaboration for future-oriented monozukuri (manufacturing) that will lead a new era

The four departments that make up the Faculty of Engineering offer programs in their respective areas of specialty. In addition, interdisciplinary studies are also encouraged. The departments comprise the machinery, communications, and systems track and the information, design, and media track, which promote cross-departmental collaboration linking specialized expertise and techniques in each field.

With excellent facilities, the Hachioji International Campus offers an outstanding environment for pursuing monozukuri with global colleagues.

At a campus which meets the requirements of practical manufacturing, students perform experiments and exercises while broadening their global perspective working alongside many international students enrolled in the University. Students belong to a laboratory from their fourth year and can make use of their cross-departmental studies for their Graduation Research.

Four departments and courses for comprehensive monozukuri

Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering

  • Mechanical Design

  • Material Systems

  • 3D Design

  • Mechanical Aviation

  • Robot

  • Energy and the Environment

Students can learn both “knowledge and techniques for making machinery” as well as about “systems to operate machinery”—components of mechanical systems engineering that supports the monozukuri industry in Japan. In the first year, students develop basic skills, and from the second year, select a course focused on practice and exercises.

Department of Electronics and Computer Systems

  • Telecommunications Network Systems

  • Video and Audio Systems

  • Biological Systems

  • Digital Systems

  • Robot

  • Energy and the Environment

Students engage in practical studies in monozukuri in cutting-edge fields with rapid advances in technology, making full use of both the hardware and software sides. Students begin with the fundamentals and progress in phases. By the time they graduate, they will have charted a path for an engineering career.

Department of Computer Science

  • Systems Engineering

  • Computer Software

  • Internet Services

  • Smart Computing

  • Visual Computing

  • Web Design

The goal of this Department is to train IT engineers knowledgeable about computers and network technologies, which are essential to modern society. By working in small groups, students will also acquire communication skills sought by society.

Department of Design

  • Sensory Design

  • Life Design

  • Product Design

  • Media Design

  • Visual Computing

  • Web Design

Capitalizing on the strengths of the Department of Design of the Faculty of Engineering, students can study various fields of design from both the perspectives of engineering and art and culture. Since students begin by learning the essentials before deciding on their focus, it is possible to start out without having any previous background.

The programs at the Faculty of Engineering enhance your global strengths

Foreign Language





Study Abroad Program of the Faculty of Engineering

Short-term Study Abroad Program

  • Langara College (Canada)

Students in the special course “International Engineering Course” study in the United States from the second half of their second year

This course is designed for students who are aspiring to become globally successful engineers. On the assumption that students will study in the United States (up to two years), the first year and a half is spent studying basic engineering and raising their English skills intensively.

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