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Study Trips/ Hands-on Learning Experiences for International Students

The school offers 1 night 2 days study trips (first semester) and hands-on learning experiences (second semester) for 1st and 2nd year students. The purpose of these trips is to provide an opportunity where international students can extensively learn about Japan through actual experiences of Japanese history and traditional culture and make their overseas education fruitful.

Health Management

Make sure to visit the health care office in the following situations… the nurse will provide help.

  • When feeling ill or emergency treatment is required for injuries
  • When in need of introduction of medical institutions or consultation regarding health matters
  • When you wish to receive various checkups (check height/ weight/ blood pressure/ body fat percentage/ eyesight, etc.)

Health Checkups

Regular health checkups are conducted every year in April. Please make sure to receive this checkup.

Medical Care Offices

Hachioji International Campus (Administration and Research Building 1F)

TEL: 042-665-1472

Bunkyo Campus (Building C 2F)

TEL: 03-3947-7183

National Health Insurance

Japan has a medical health insurance system that reduces medical costs, and foreigners residing in Japan for more than a year must join this insurance program. Those who join will only have to pay 30% of medical treatment costs.

Procedures for joining the insurance program are accepted at the national health insurance division office at the municipality of which your residence card is registered to. Insurance premiums differ according to the municipality. Please contact your local municipality office for further details.

Provision of Medical Treatment Costs

Only for Undergraduate Faculties students (not for Graduate School students/ Intensive Japanese Language Program Japanese Language Education Course students)

  • 65% of medical treatment costs paid to hospitals/ pharmacies will be provided.
  • Costs for influenza vaccination, etc. are partially subsidized.

Please contact the Students Welfare Division of your campus for details.

Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research

All students (Undergraduate Faculties students/ Graduate School students/ Intensive Japanese Language Program students) join this insurance for accidents that may occur during their study and research activities (class lectures, etc.). All insurance costs are covered by the university. Please inform the Students Welfare Division of your campus in the event of an accident.

Residency Registration Procedure

Residence Card

  • A residence card is provided to all foreigners residing in Japan for an extended period.
  • Make sure to keep it with you when going out.
  • Display immediately when asked for your residence card.
  • Take note of your residence card number in case the card becomes lost.
  • Notify your local public office within 14 days once your residence in Japan has been confirmed.
  • Please return your card at the airport before leaving the country after graduating and returning to your home country.
  • Make sure to notify the university if there are any changes with the information on the residence card.

Application for Extension of Period of Stay

  • Your residency period must be updated to extend your period of stay.
  • Application for extension of period of stay can be made from 3 months before the deadline.
  • Make sure to apply in advance as it takes about 2 weeks to 1 month for permission to be granted.
  • Please note that those who remain in the country without applying for extension of period of stay may be identified as an “illegal resident” to be cracked down on.
  • Students who wish to engage in part time work must also apply for Permission to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted.

Special Re-Entry Permit System

  • Foreign nationals possessing a valid passport and residence card who wish to re-enter within a year after their departure date (however, this must be within their granted residency period) do not require a re-entry permit.
  • Display your passport and residence card, and place a re-entry check in the box of the (ED) card.

Residence Insurance System for International Students

In Japan, it is generally necessary to have a joint guarantor when renting a room of a private apartment. Therefore, the university offers support and becomes a residence guarantor for foreign students who do not have joint guarantors. These students must meet certain requirements and join the “Comprehensive Renters Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan” (Japan Educational Exchanges and Services) (insurance cost must be covered by the student). International students who wish to apply for this system should receive details from the International Affairs Division at their campus.


International Affairs Division


Hachioji International Affairs Division


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