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Hachioji City is a famous academic town in Japan where many universities and junior colleges are located. The Hachioji International Campus is set in extensive grounds and surrounded by a rich natural environment. In addition to the latest research facilities and equipment, the campus are also well equipped with facilities for extracurricular activities such as an athletics stadium and horse-riding ground to offer an ideal environment for learning. The nearest station of Takao Station provides smooth access to the center of Tokyo with the JR Chuo Line and Keio Line.

Introduction of Campus Facilities

Onshi Memorial Hall

This building is a restoration of the Onshi Memorial Auditorium that was previously built in the Bunkyo Campus to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the university. Items and objects that have connections with the university are on display in the historical archive room within the building.


There are the first and second gymnasiums, which include various sport facilities such as a basketball court, swimming pool, and martial arts dojo.

Ritakukai Hall

The International Affairs Division, international exchange space, and facilities such as the multipurpose hall, multimedia classroom, and laboratories are located here.

Administration and Research Building

This building is located in the center of the campus and has the student center, which offers support for students, and also research offices of faculty members.

BIG Tent

This is where electric vehicles and human powered aircrafts are constructed, and these works are also kept here.

Faculty of Engineering Building

There are classrooms, laboratories, research offices of the member of the Faculty of Engineering, and an exhibition room of the Department of Design.

Students House

This building serves as a social gathering place for students, having club/study group rooms, a dance floor, and other facilities.

Horse-Riding Ground

This is a proper horse-riding ground within the campus with stalls. The equestrian club uses the ground for practice.

College House Fuso

The College House Fuso is a student dormitory with studio-type rooms for 400 students. It consists of a cafeteria building, in-school store building, and a bathing facility building with a fitness gym.


The library is located in the center of the Hachioji International Campus. It has a unique structure with a cross-type half column, and designed to gather natural light inside the building. There are 2 floors above ground and 2 basement floors. The floors above ground have seats with open stacks and shelves, while there is a large closed stack section on the basement floor.

Building A

This building has the most number of classrooms in the Hachioji International Campus. There are also 2 cafeterias, a Yoshinoya (popular beef bowl restaurant), and a convenience store “Patio.”

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