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The Bunkyo Campus is located in the center of Tokyo with easy commute, which also makes it an ideal base for job hunting. Students belonging to the Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Graduate Schools, and the Intensive Japanese Language Program study here. Since the completion of the “Bunkyo Campus redevelopment project” in April 2015, Takushoku University has been able to offer upgraded research facilities and a comfortable learning environment, while also enhancing its functions as an international university.

Introduction of Campus Facilities

Main Gate

It takes only 3 minutes on foot from Myogadani Station to the main gate, which makes it the most conveniently accessed and frequently used entrance by students.


The green space located and spread in the center of the campus. It becomes decorated with illuminations in December.

Building A: Main Building

This is the symbolic building of the Bunkyo Campus that represents the 110 years of its tradition and history.

In front of Building A: Statue of Duke Taro Katsura

The statue of Taro Katsura who was the founder of the Taiwan Association School, the precursor of Takushoku University, and the first chancellor is built at this location.

Building B

The student hall and cafeteria are in this building, while the upper floors are research offices of faculty members.

Building C: Roof Terrace

The stylish wood-deck terrace offers a panoramic view of the city center. It is also a popular resting and gathering space among the students.

Building C: Career Counseling Division

The Career Counseling Division has a high reputation for its services of supporting students, providing plenty of information regarding seminars and hearty advice for students.

Building E

This building was completed in January 2015. It has 10 floors above ground and 2 basement floors with the Library and classrooms.

Building F: International Education Hall

The International Education Hall is a building with historic value as it was constructed by renovating the former training institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is also known as a typical work of the architect Yoshikazu Uchida, and is frequently introduced in architecture magazines as well as guidebooks of Bunkyo city. Today, this building is used for classes of the “Intensive Japanese Language Program” and the “Graduate School of Language Education” of the Graduate Schools.

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