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Make use of student life to develop yourself,
and enjoy making progress



Graduated from the Department of English Language, Faculty of Foreign Languages in 2016

Home Country: Taiwan

Joined MARUMIYA Co., Ltd.

Applying what I learned in seminars for staff training


I currently work at “Kimono Me!!”, which is a kimono photo studio for foreign tourists. I mainly do English and Chinese translations for sales promotion tools such as fliers and websites for foreign tourists. I also work as an interpreter for negotiations with overseas agents. In the Faculty of Foreign Languages, I studied the English language and English language education. In the seminar I attended, I learned of a technique called “Teaching Knowledge Test”, and that has been helping me a lot with my current job. This technique introduces different training methods according to the comprehension level of each learner, and so I apply it when training new staff. In the future, I’d like to have more people know about “Kimono Me!!” and have many tourists enjoy wearing kimonos. Further on in life, I hope to get promoted within the company, buy a house, and take my parents on a trip around the world.

Creating possibilities by taking on challenges


The thing I struggled with the most during my four years in university was learning Japanese. I belonged to the Department of English Language. In my first and second year, I lacked Japanese vocabulary, so when I listened to explanations of the English language in Japanese, it was even more confusing. I used to take notes in Katakana of Japanese words I didn’t understand, and then I asked about them to my teacher and friends after class. Also, I always prepared for class and asked teachers on the spot without missing an opportunity about things I didn’t understand in class. And so I steadily learned both Japanese and English. Apart from studying, I particularly remember the time I was requested by the university to create a promotion video of Taiwan in my second year. I didn’t have any special knowledge with video making, and I only had one week to make it. Still, I accepted since it was an opportunity. So I got my sister and friends to help me, and I also learned on my own using various applications online to complete the video. Of course, it’s nowhere near professional level, but I was truly satisfied with what I made, and it was a great opportunity to develop myself further. I learned that believing in oneself and facing challenges open up the hidden potential in oneself. Many opportunities will allow you to grow at Takushoku University. Therefore, it is important to have courage and take on these challenges.

An environment for leading a fulfilling student life

Both Bunkyo Campus and Hachioji International Campus of Takushoku University have their own attractiveness. You can choose what you want to study from a wide range of faculties and courses, and there are many foreign exchange study programs that will allow you to broaden your perspective. If you have any concerns, members of the faculty will give you all the support you need. There’s also great scholarship programs and plenty of club activities as well as events. It’s possible to lead a fun university life at Takushoku University, so I encourage students to make the most of it and enjoy. It’s something you can experience only now.