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Continuing to acquire legal knowledge,
And enhancing professional skills



Graduated from the Department of Law and Political Science, Faculty of Political Science and Economics in 2018

Home Country: Republic of Korea

Joined Advance Legal Professional Corporation

Learning to study with enthusiasm in university


I currently work in the debt adjustment department of a legal firm and handle the preparation of documents as well as administrative work to support the operations of lawyers (paralegal). I became interested in law when I learned about it in elementary school and wanted to help people involved in the field. That’s why I joined this company. There are some differences between the things we learn in school and required practical knowledge for work. However, what I learned in school such as the importance of being able to study independently has been helping me a lot with my current job. My goal for the future is to be able to handle all matters of work for criminal and civil cases.

Student days of constantly studying law


I’m from the Republic of Korea. In my home country, it’s difficult to find a university to learn criminology which I have been interested in, and there are also very few opportunities to study law in universities with the establishment of law schools. At Takushoku University, however, it’s possible to study economics and politics in addition to law. It’s also possible to take an entrance examination without having to attend a Japanese language school, so that’s why I chose this university. In the Department of Law and Political Science of the Faculty of Political Science and Economics, we cover all subjects of law such as the constitution, civil law, criminal law, and administrative law. From the second year, we join seminars to further study criminal law and policy, juvenile law, and criminology. During my time in the seminar, we had the chance to visit a prison, and that’s something I remember especially. To be honest, it was quite hard at first studying law every day. Although it was something I’d always wanted, I struggled to understand the complexity of legal terms and reading Japanese. However, I gradually found it a sense of fulfillment as I read through technical documents at the seminar to further understand the themes I was interested in, wrote them in papers and presented them to audiences, and that was a fulfilling experience. My classmates in the seminar would come up with unexpected questions, which helped me to understand things better and become aware of the knowledge that I lacked. And I believe these experiences were what helped me the most during my time at university. My Japanese language skills also improved naturally as I learned about law. At the end of my four years of extensively studying law, I wrote a thesis about the state of juvenile law, which received an award of excellence for the Takushoku University Scholarship Report (Institute for Research in Politics & Economy).

Four years of being able to use time freely

In the four years of university life, I believe the important thing is to gain more experience and expose yourself to learn what you choose. At Takushoku University, there are also opportunities for various experiences outside of classes such as school projects and events. You have less social obligations and restrictions when you are a student, so it’s your last chance to use time freely for yourself and do things you want to do. Skills can also be acquired later, so I recommend students to focus on what you can only do now, and use your time wisely to develop yourself.