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Building a foundation for working on an international scale



Graduated from the Department of Law and Political Science, Faculty of Political Science and Economics in 2013

Home Country: People’s Republic of China

Joined Foster Electric Company, Limited

Developing a global perspective through the four years in university


I currently work for a manufacturing company that makes speakers and headsets, belonging to the materials department. I am responsible for examining and negotiating the amount and price of components and raw materials, and also their procurement.
In order to a secure, stable supply of components and raw materials to overseas production bases, I’m required to visit various countries to develop best business partners, and it’s a very worthwhile task.
Takushoku University possesses an international environment, and I was able to acquire a wide range of knowledge as well as develop a global perspective for accepting differences. I learned to establish friendships and trustable relationships by being aware of other people’s historical backgrounds, culture, and customs. This experience has greatly helped when communicating with people at overseas bases as well as international business partners for my current job.
Right now I am in charge of operations of East Asia, Southeast Asia based in Japan. In the future, I would like to expand the range of my duties and become involved with projects on a global scale.

Further pursuing studies and finding lifetime friends through short-term study abroad


The reason I chose Takushoku University was that I thought I could learn and put myself in a global environment. There are many international students from other countries and also exchange students from affiliated schools in various linguistic regions.
I belonged to the Department of Law and Political Science in the Faculty of Political Science and Economics and studied law and politics. I was able to study a wide range of subjects from the Japanese constitution to international law, and also covered political history up to modern political theory. This allowed me to develop new perspectives for a better understanding of the world. In the seminar, I researched modern democracy.
In my fourth year of university, I was granted a scholarship for a short-term study abroad program, and spent three weeks in France, which is one of the most advanced democratic nations in the world, and that was my research theme in the seminar. During the day I went to a French language school, and at night I spent time with my host family. I actively communicated with the people around and made lots of friends there. It’s been six years since I graduated, but I still keep in touch with them by international mail. This short-term study abroad program was a valuable and unforgettable experience in my life.

Relying on the help of others for job hunting

I particularly struggled with job hunting. At first, the interviews were difficult. I kept on being turned down and lost confidence. At that time, however, I talked to my family, friends, and the staff at the university’s career counseling division and made gradual progress. The staff at the career counseling division gave me lots of advice on interviews in addition to encouragement and reassurance. They provided so much mental support and that helped me out a lot. I think that is one of the advantages of Takushoku University that a school can provide thoughtful and caring support because there are members of the faculty who communicate with students from various countries. My advice for students would be to seek help from all kinds of people at Takushoku University, and enjoy productive student life.