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First University in Japan to adopt special framework for study abroad students


First University in Japan to adopt special framework for study abroad students

Recognized for Many Years of Success in Education for International Students

At Takushoku University, we applied successfully to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports,
Science and Technology to adopt a special framework for international students,
based on the “Act on Promotion of Youth Study and Employment by Promoting Universities in
the Community and Creating Employment Opportunities for Youth ” in order to boost our international competitiveness in the field of educational research, and we were recognized in August of 2020. This special framework will allow a larger number of International students to enter the school by expanding the maximum number allowed in several departments.
That will include 36 students in the Department of Business Administration (Faculty of Commerce), 9 students in the Department of International Business (Faculty of Commerce), and
23 students in the Department of Economics (Faculty of Political Science and Economics).
Takushoku University is the first in Japan to create a special framework as an exception to the above Act, which caps the number of university students in Tokyo's 23 wards . We are highly regarded for our system that has produced a long track record of strong results in international education, and also for our plans to continue accepting even more students in the years to come. We aim to produce excellent international workers to bolster the Japanese marketplace, and we feel this should be the trend in Japan going forward.

Long History of Results in International Education

Takushoku University’s education of international students began in 1961 with the acceptance of a group of students dispatched by the Indonesian government.Currently, we have formed partnerships with 52 universities and organizations from 22 countries and territories, accepting around 1,000 international students annually. In addition, for three years in a row our school has been selected in the “Japan Ryugaku Awards*” in the Eastern Japan Private Universities division.
The Awards are given to schools nominated and voted on by Japanese language schools’ teachers and staff.*Sponsored by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education foundation, 8/2016–8/2018


Fostering Cultural Exchange with International and Japanese Students Studying Together

Many international students are enrolled on our Bunkyo campus, and these students study alongside Japanese students in classroom environments where they have the chance to exchange ideas and views, enabling cross-cultural communication. Also, the campus is located in Tokyo’s Bunkyo Ward, which is a stone’s throw from major areas in the city—like Ikebukuro and Shinjuku—that are vibrant, international areas where people of many nationalities gather, allowing international students opportunities for international exchange even off-campus. Our aim at Takushoku University is to provide a truly global environment to all students who choose to study abroad with us.

A Day in the Life of International Students at Takushoku

These videos feature interviews with accompanying explanations to highlight the daily lives of international students at Takushoku University.The featured students are from three different countries  and live and study on the Bunkyo campus.