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Gain an international perspective to solve the issues of contemporary society.

Our society is comprised of individuals and organizations large and small, including state, companies, and families. To build a better society, each organization must have the insight to operate in society while proposing better approaches and finding solutions to various issues. Professionals equipped with this insight are needed in all domains of contemporary society. The Faculty of Political Science and Economics prepares students to confront such issues of modern society and find globally informed solutions.

Global insight that enables students to adapt to the internationalization of society. Developing leaders who carve out and support the future of Japan.

The Faculty of Political Science and Economics is characterized by programs that provide students with a balanced knowledge of law, politics, and economics—the essentials required by leaders who will lead modern-day society, including public officials, corporate executives, and managers. The Faculty’s two departments offer flexible curriculums covering closely related fields. Students will be able to understand the workings of society with an expert’s eye, and also adapt to the internationalization of society through global area studies and foreign language acquisition (12 languages). We train students into leaders who think and adapt flexibly to solve issues from an international perspective.

Students also acquire the skills below!

  • Ability to propose new policies

  • Ability to avoid and prevent disputes

  • Ability to gauge and understand the trends of the times

  • Cultivation sought by society

Two approaches for a multifaceted understanding of the workings of society

Department of Law and Political Science

  • Legal mind

  • Policy

  • Government

  • Problem-solving

Students learn both law and politics—two closely interrelated components of society—and develop problem-solving skills from the respective viewpoints. Students can choose themes that interest them from a broad range of fields.

Department of Economics

  • Market

  • Local

  • International

  • Prosperous society

Students foster an ability to analyze fluctuating economic trends from the perspective of the government, region, companies, and more. Students will be trained to conceptualize a prosperous society centered around the economy.

Global learning for international mindedness

Foreign Language


English/Japanese (only international students)


Arabic/Brazilian and Portuguese/Chinese/French/German/Indonesian and Malaysian/Indo-Pakistani/Korean/Russian/Spanish

Study Abroad Program Unique to the Faculty of Political Science and Economics

Students study languages in countries, such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and China, and further develop global perspectives through exposure to people and cultures of other countries.

Short-term Study Abroad Program

  • BEET Language Centre (United Kingdom)
  • Xiamen University (China)
  • University of New South Wales (Australia)
  • Credits approved for graduation (2 to 4 credits)
  • Improve language skills through short-term intensive program (2 to 5 weeks during summer or spring vacation)

School Fees and Scholarships

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