Biaya sekolah dan beasiswa


Tuition fees consist of the admission fee and course tuition fees. Course tuition fees are paid twice per year (first and second semesters).

Period Admission fee Tuition fee Total
Spring Admission JPY 125,000 First semester JPY 252,500
Second semester JPY 252,500
JPY 630,000 (year)
Fall Admission

Scholarships and Awards

Study support is available through a system of scholarships and awards. Please contact us about eligibility or other details.

Takushoku University IJLP Scholarship JPY 150,000 Number available: About eight
Takushoku University IJLP JLPT Scholarship Grand Prize JPY 30,000 1 persons
Second Prize JPY 20,000 2 persons
Effort Prize JPY 10,000 7 persons
Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
Takayama International Education Foundation’s Scholarship
JPY 60,000/month 1–2 persons

Note: Subject to change