We're here to welcome all the applicants from around the world into our diverse academic community. With 1,178 international students from 41 countries (fiscal year of 2018), you will be enjoying a variety of learning opportunities both inside and outside of the campus in Tokyo. Takushoku University provides full academic and life support and resources for our international students. Please see the Admission Chart, we can offer various programs;

Admission Flow Chart


Degree–Seeking Students

Takushoku University currently has 5 faculties for undergraduate programs and 6 graduate schools. Every faculty and school opens its door to students from around the world. If you are an overseas applicant, you must have a proven level of Japanese to study at Takushoku University. Therefore, you can consider applying for our Intensive Japanese Language Program as well. This One year - Two years program provides not only Japanese Language classes but also various subjects taught in Japanese in order to prepare for admission to our degree programs or other Japanese universities. Some university graduates aim to enter Japanese graduate schools through this program.

Non Degree Students

As for Non-Degree students, Takushoku University has several courses are available for our affiliated schools and institutions.

Entrance Examination

Please visit the following website for details regarding entrance examinations.

Undergraduate Faculties Entrance Examination Information

Graduate Schools Entrance Examination Information

Intensive Japanese Language Program Japanese Language Education Course