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Bunkyo Campus

3-4-14 Kohinata, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8585

Division name

Direct line


General Affairs

03-3947-7111 All matters and affairs of the university

Personnel Affairs

03-3947-7112 Matters involving faculty personnel and welfare programs

Planning Division

03-3947-7377 Matters regarding donations

Public Relations Division

03-3947-7160 Matters regarding public relations of the university

Accounting Division (Payments)

03-3947-7642 Matters regarding tuition fee payment procedures

Facility Management Division

03-3947-7177 Matters regarding the maintenance/building and repair of the Bunkyo Campus

Admissions Office

03-3947-7159 Inquiries regarding entrance examination, matters regarding request of university information materials

Department of Academic Affairs

03-3947-2271 Matters regarding classes, course enrollment, and other relevant matters
03-3947-2270 Matters regarding various certificates for alumni
03-3947-7854 Matters regarding the Graduate Schools

Research Support Division

03-3947-7166 Open college course desk (matters regarding various courses for the public)
03-3947-7595 Matters regarding research support

Students Welfare Division

03-3947-7199 Matters regarding student life and scholarships

Medical Office

03-3947-7183 Matters regarding health care of students

Career Counselling Division

03-3947-7205 Matters regarding job recruitment and job hunting

International Affairs Division

03-3947-7212 Matters regarding international exchanges
03-3947-8079 Intensive Japanese Language Program Matters regarding Intensive Japanese Language Program

University Library Division

03-3947-7229 All matters regarding the library

Alumni Association

03-3947-6803 Matters regarding the Alumni Association (graduated students)

Hachioji International Campus

815-1 Tatemachi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 193-0985

Division name

Direct line


Directory assistance

042-665-1441 Automatic transfer to extension line, directory assistance (transfer of phone line not possible)

Hachioji General Affairs Division

042-665-1443 All matters regarding the Hachioji International Campus
042-665-1444 Matters regarding the maintenance/building and repair of the Hachioji International Campus

Hachioji Academic Affairs Division

042-665-1445 Matters regarding the classes/course enrollment of the Hachioji International Campus
042-665-1448 Matters regarding the Faculty of International Studies
042-665-1447 Matters regarding the Faculty of Engineering

Hachioji Student Affairs Office

042-665-1449 Consultation regarding student life in general and matters regarding extracurricular activities (Ritakukai)

Hachioji Students Welfare Division

042-665-1463 Matters regarding student life and scholarships

Physical Education Division

042-665-1403 Matters regarding the Ritakukai Sports Office

Medical Office

042-665-1472 Matters regarding the health care of students

Hachioji Career Counselling Division

042-665-1467 Matters regarding job recruitment, job hunting for the Faculties of Foreign Languages/Engineering/International Studies

Hachioji International Affairs Division

042-665-1479 Matters regarding international exchange and study abroad programs

Hachioji University Library Division

042-665-1483 All matters regarding the library

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