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Learn to approach global issues from diverse angles and contribute to finding solutions.

The Faculty of International Studies offers a course program to enable students to approach issues faced by a globalized society from multiple angles (in the second year, students take a course of their choice from: International Cooperation; International Economics; International Politics; International Culture; International Tourism; and General Agriculture). We have a flexible curriculum that lets students explore their areas of interest and grow in stages, based on an understanding of foreign languages, cultures, ethnicities, and political and economic systems. Through this curriculum, we educate truly internationally minded people who will contribute to developing solutions to global issues.

Students as global citizens will deepen their understanding, think together, and find ways to solve international challenges.

The Faculty of International Studies enshrines the spirit of Takushoku University’s founding philosophy to educate individuals who play their part in the international community.We teach students to examine the world from a broad perspective and consider ways to solve local issues together with the people living there.

English and 12 regional languages for stepping out into the world.
Study abroad programs and overseas volunteering are eligible for credit.

For active learning, it is important to communicate with local people. The Faculty of International Studies offers 12 regional language subjects in addition to English. We help students realize their passions by making overseas studies and volunteer activities eligible for credit.

Six gateways to the world. International field experience.

The Faculty of International Studies was established on the 100th anniversary of Takushoku University in order to fulfill the aspiration of the University’s founder in a way that is tailored to the needs of modern society.The goal of the Faculty is to educate internationally minded people who will confront issues facing the world and take proactive actions to solve them. Based on this aim, students study international issues focusing on emerging and developing countries, such as Asia, Latin America, and Africa. In addition to in-class studies, students will learn about the current situation in the world and local languages through field experiences, via a range of study abroad programs and volunteer activities.

Department of International Studies, Faculty of International Studies

  • International Cooperation Course

  • International Economics Course

  • International Politics Course

  • International Culture Course

  • International Tourism Course

  • General Agriculture Course


  • Global professionals

  • Environment, poverty, food energy, conflict

  • Cross-cultural exchange

  • Foreign language studies and overseas training

  • Social/community contribution

International Sports Course

This course educates internationally minded students who interact with people around the world and make social contributions through sports!

The International Sports Course is designed for students who are athletically competitive and eager to interact with people around the world and to make social contributions through sports in the future. The students of this course should belong to an athletic club. Only students recommended by the faculty (the quota applies) and accepted by the Faculty of International Studies can enroll in this course.

A Variety of Study Abroad Programs

Short-term study abroad program

The University’s short-term study abroad program features opportunities to gain exposure to other countries through cross-cultural experiences and foreign language training. In addition to language studies, the program focuses on providing cultural and social experiences through further exploration and examination of local cultures as well as participation in workshops.

Language is a strength, experience is nutrition.Global studies at the Faculty of International Studies.

Foreign Language


English (all students), Japanese (only international students)


Arabic/Brazilian and Portuguese/Chinese/Hindi/Indonesian/Malaysian/Korean/Filippino/Spanish/Thai/Vietnamese

Study Abroad Program of the Faculty of International Studies

Students have many opportunities to experience the world, including study abroad programs and seminar trips. Furthermore, the Faculty of International Studies offers a global educational environment in which students can learn with international students from a variety of countries. At the Faculty of International Studies, you can gain exposure to the world, deepen your understanding of other cultures, and expand your horizon.

Short-term Study Abroad Program

  • Darma Persada University (Indonesia)
  • University of the Philippines (Philippines)
  • Tourism practical training (Canada)
  • Inter-Cultural Language School Kuala Lumpur School (Malaysia)
  • Daegu University (South Korea)
  • Khon Kaen University (Thailand)
  • East China University of Science and Technology (China)

School Fees and Scholarships

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