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Acquire cutting-edge knowledge at the front line of business and the skills to take actions.

Whether it is smartphone apps, new convenience store products, or services for foreign tourists, business activity is all around us and enriches students’ studies at the Faculty of Commerce.

To develop a deep understanding of such businesses, it is essential that students not only learn theory but also gain practical experience.

The Faculty of Commerce at Takushoku University provides opportunities for acquiring knowledge and mastering skills, while getting a firsthand look at the front line of business that changes every day in the heart of Tokyo, a global city.

We empower students with the knowledge to take actions and succeed in all domains of society.

Through over 100 small-size seminars and interactions with business leaders, students gain current business knowledge to carve out the future.

The Faculty of Commerce has the longest history of any faculty at Takushoku University. We invite business leaders to give lectures through “endowed courses” and other fora, so that students can hear directly from those who are at the front line of business, right here in the city center. Students can select seminars from a range of genres to deepen their expertise, including business administration, distribution marketing, trade, service business, communication, accounting, and law.

Students call our campus a “microcosm of the world.” Conveniently located within the Yamanote Line loop, the Bunkyo Campus lets you connect with people and society, locally and globally.

The Faculty of Commerce is situated within the Yamanote Line loop. While being located near the center of business, the Bunkyo Campus still offers an at-home atmosphere full of greenery. The campus is open to people in the community, letting you interact with both the locals and international students who come from various countries.

Three comprehensive approaches to business

Department of Business Administration

  • Business Administration

  • Distribution Marketing

  • Management Information

Focus is placed on the study of companies and their activities so that students are equipped with the ability to adapt to significant changes in modern-day business. Students acquire basic knowledge of overall business administration, together with specialized skills needed in actual operations.

Department of International Business

  • Trade

  • Service Business

  • Communication

The curriculum focuses on international business and English, designed to develop professionals who can immediately utilize their skills in a globalizing society. The Department hones practical skills and trains corporate talents who will succeed in international business settings.

Department of Accounting

  • Finance

  • Business Analysis

  • Auditing and Assurance Services

  • Tax Law

Students acquire expertise in accounting essential to corporate management and are encouraged to obtain certification. By developing analytical skills while gaining expertise in accounting, students will have a clearer understanding of corporate and organizational administration.

Global learning that brings you closer to the world

Foreign Language


English/Japanese (only international students)


Arabic/Brazilian and Portuguese/Chinese/French/German/Indonesian and Malaysian/Indo-Pakistani/Korean/Russian/Spanish

Study Abroad Program Unique to the Faculty of Commerce

Start by going overseas!

Short-term study abroad (homestay approx. 4 weeks: 4 credits)

  • Portland State University (United States)
  • Dominion English Schools (New Zealand)

Intercultural training (approx. 1 week: 1 credit)

  • Kyung Hee University (South Korea)
  • Soochow University (Taiwan)

School Fees and Scholarships

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